Create new exhibiting opportunities

I set my mind to solving the issues of exhibiting in unusual places almost three years ago and I came up with Art Post.

Wanting to exhibit in locations where it would be undesirable or difficult to use the fabric of that location for fixing artworks for display I researched what equipment was available and none were really practical or robust enough. The artist’s easels, often used by galleries to show artworks in their windows are really designed to support artwork to be worked on not displayed. They lean back, catching ambient light. Their legs, splayed for stability are a trip hazard in areas used as thoroughfares and they are mostly too lightweight to withstand accidental knocking. Heavier models can be very expensive and do not deconstruct for transport.

Walling systems are either heavyweight, requiring a truck for transport or very lightweight, not suitable for some of the larger artworks on board and with heavy frames.

The Art Post solution

The infographic below illustrates the benefits and features of Art Post that make it so ideal for presenting works of art. All the component parts have been prototyped and their design refined over several iterations. Now, after trials in real situations thanks to local galleries and lending to some artists for exhibitions and art trails, who provided very positive feed back, I have a batch in production. They will be available to hire or purchase from July 2014. The galleries found Art Post great for highlighting feature artworks and utilising difficult areas in their spaces, artists remarked that its stylish presentation didn’t distract attention from their work while being vey secure.


Infographic showing the benefits and features that make Art Post a great way to show artwork.

There is more background information about the development of Art Post at


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