Art Post launched

With no fanfare, bunting or party I launched Art Post this weekend (Saturday 21st June).

Using only an installation of Art Posts, part of the central Bristol church of Saint Stephens was converted in to an art gallery. Apart from presenting the work of a group of artists to the Bristol public it was an opportunity to utilise Art Post in exemplary fashion.

Artworks by Ian Price and Graham Williams receiving due attention

Artworks by Ian Price and Graham Williams receiving due attention

Having got the thirteen Art Posts and associated extras, like lighting and cables, to the venue it only took two of us four hours to complete the installation of twenty one artworks. My Colleague Graham was initially unfamiliar with the Art Post system but quickly got the hang of assembly, after all there are only 3 bolts needed to get each post to stand up and the quick release clamps on the hanging brackets to wind on. The cabling to the lights pressed into the internal channels easily and kept them out of sight and tidy.

The effect of the Art Posts in the church was very pleasing. I’m far from impartial but I liked the way the Art Posts remained unobtrusive allowing the artworks to exist with the ambience of the building. From feedback I’ve had it seems, that for both practical and aesthetic reasons, Art Post is going to be popular for showing art in interesting, unusual locations, art trails and art fairs. The people who look after the churches building and activities loved being able to host our exhibition without affecting the fabric of the walls and columns.

Not only am I looking forward to exhibiting with Art Posts again, but also enabling other artists to do similar exhibiting by hiring or purchasing their own kits.



3 responses to “Art Post launched

  1. fantastic system!!! nice to see someone actually tackling this classic problem. are you rolling this out as a template or to buy?

    • Thanks for the comments Peter. I have registered the design. Art Posts are available to hire or buy, certainly in the Bristol area of the UK. It’s early days for the project and entirely self funded so serving a wider area is an issue to be addressed. I’m considering providing the plans on a license or similar arrangement.

      • it is a really good idea. I’ll follow your blog and see what unfolds… The exhibit & work looked great

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