This man must be encouraged

Apparently thats part of what a first time user of Art Posts said about me and my Art Posts after a successful weekend of exhibiting at one of Bristol’s art trails.

It was my first significant booking of the year, 8 ‘posts’ for a venue on the ‘BS9’ art trail. As a consequence of that event 3 enquiries followed. At the moment Clifton Arts Club is using them to exhibit art in a local library which is a great example of the way I envisaged them being used, getting art to the people wherever the people are.

The ‘accepting a new idea’ issue

Getting a new product off the ground is a matter of helping your potential users to accept the ‘idea’ of the product. With Art Post, once people recognise what the product can do and see it in action they are very enthusiastic.

To get the idea of Art Post over I asked a few fellow artists to use them and used them myself in interesting locations. I never expected the process to be a quick one but to feel the moment of realisation when, one by one, they ‘get it’ is very satisfying. Suddenly I find people telling me what they think Art Post can be used for.

The pricing issue

This process has also helped me finalise the charging structure for hiring out the equipment. Initially going with industry standard pricing for exhibition equipment I found that very quickly the cost escalated until a weeks hire of 10 posts was as much as the hire of a venue for the same period. Thats all very well for commercial trade shows but not what I wanted for artists, they (we) just can’t afford that sort of expense. I have a quite sophisticated structure now where the unit cost decreases the more posts are hired and the longer the hire period is. From feedback so far it seems to be very acceptable.
Its not a nice thing to have to do, but when you start telling enquirers that your equipment is booked up there is a certain amount of satisfaction that things are going to plan. Then of course I must start thinking about the next thing, when should I manufacture more Art Posts. If you want one let me know.

Art Posts in use at Cheltenham Road Library Bristol.

Art Posts in use at Cheltenham Road Library Bristol.

Art Posts in use at Cheltenham Road Library Bristol.

Art Posts in use at Cheltenham Road Library Bristol.


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