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(I just want to breathe) Fresh Air part 2

Since I first composed the previous article about my painting, Fresh Air, it’s been exhibited and commented on. Other events have happened that are pertinent to the subject of the painting.

People have had the opportunity to see the painting now I’ve had interesting comments. In particular and to my surprise, to many viewers it is an expression of spirituality. I rather like that art is open ended and people get different impressions and hold different opinions about the same piece, as long as they’re not indifferent. However there is a particular idea behind this painting, it is something of a protest about complacency towards climate change. Since the previous article a few events have illustrated and reinforced my opinions.

Is ‘business’ a dirty word?

Volkswagen have abused our trust in the name of profit. Having created a brand which embraces values of quality and reliability, the company has consciously manipulated technology in their vehicles that means they pollute more than they claim. Businesses put a lot of effort and spend vast amounts of money developing their brands. When it comes to the ambitions of business though we have seen that ‘brand’ is only skin deep, a gloss or spin on top of the reality. Volkswagen have denied our right to breathe fresh air.

Dirty politics

Our new, unfettered, Conservative government has backtracked on supporting a whole future business sector. Announcing cuts to subsidies that allowed householders to embrace renewable energy and energy use reduction. In a series of announcements, grants for solar panel installation are being cut and the upgrading of building regulations that would mean builders would have to provide better quality, energy efficient homes have been shelved.

I listened to an interview on the Today programme (19th October 2015) with Prof Jacquie McGlade, the UN’s chief environment scientist, who expressed succinctly and authoritatively her frustration with our governments policies in comparison with the rest of the world in this area.

Over the generations British politicians have had a very poor record of encouraging and supporting innovation and technology, preferring instead to bolster the status quo. We can only surmise as to the reasons behind the reluctance of politicians to introduce new, forward looking policies that, while encouraging new technologies and future businesses may be detrimental to the established holders of power, influence and wealth.

Limited edition (50) giclée prints of this painting are available. For more information contact me at

or follow this link and order via the Artists-Connect website

(I just want to breathe) Fesh Air by Stuart Nurse

(I just want to breathe) Fesh Air


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