Recent developments with Art Post

Now that I have had a good numbers of orders for hiring Art Posts and set them up in different venues, I’ve been able to refine the installation process and prepare a safe setting-up manual.

When you have designed and refined a product its very easy, when writing instructions on how to use it, to get very descriptive and over detailed. Its natural to be enthusiastic about the refinements of the design and be passionate about the carefully thought out features you’ve spent hours thinking through. For instructions its essential to be focussed. This means being matter-of-fact about the features and understand that, in the case of Art Post, users are likely to be in the throws of setting up the kit in a venue with other people milling round. You will not want your users to be flustered or look like idiots as they scan reams of information searching for the part that tells them which hole the long bolt goes in.

Not that Art Post is difficult to set-up, its not. What’s most important is that there’s an optimum order in which actions should be carried out. My instructions are conveyed in pictures and words where the images convey the physical actions in the order they are carried out and the words are mainly advice and warnings. When I say ‘warnings’ it sounds dramatic but its important to face the areas where some people may have an issue. Art Post is easy to use and transportable. Its also robust and carries art work securely but this means that some parts are very heavy. The ramifications are that some users may need assistance lifting and moving the major components and that aids used to help lift and move should be used warily.

See the setting-up manual at –


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