Promise fulfilled

I love Autumn. Its a season of contrast with the drama of changing leaf colour to many varieties of yellow, gold and earth red, that green summer can’t match, assailing my visual cortex in opposition to the wistfulness and melancholia of leaf fall and short days.

Back in April I painted a scene with a tree in the first throws of new leaf. The fresh bright greens and pale yellow highlights, full of optimistic potential, inspired the title I decided on, ‘Promises’. Yesterday I passed the scene, now at the other end of the year, and took a photo that could be called ‘Promise fulfilled’.

‘Promises’, painted in April 2015 by the River Frome, Frome Vale, Bristol.

Painting, Promises by Stuart Nurse

‘Promises’, a Painting done in oils on location in April 2015.


Promise fulfilled

Promise fulfilled, the location re-visited in Autumn.


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