Art Post makes progress

My attempts to popularise Art Post have begun to bear fruit. Now, about 18 months since the official launch, the number of bookings by artists to hire them for art trails and markets has been steadily increasing. There are even discussions on the go with a few gallery operators to buy some. A new production run is on the cards.

I always knew that, like a new idea, a new product would take time to be accepted. This is a characteristic of marketing anything unfamiliar, especially where there is an established mode of operating. Its natural to resist having to change our practices or habits and difficult to make the decision to pay for the new equipment that will bring about that change.

Practical market testing

Before I committed myself to having a quantity built I asked fellow artists and a couple of galleries to try them. The feedback from those who used them was positive so I went ahead with production. Gradually, from appearing at one weekend art event, other artists appreciated the qualities of Art Post for displaying their work and have hired them, preferring them to flimsy screens and using them to thrust their art into the display space and increase their exhibiting area.

I encouraged Clifton Arts Club to use Art Posts at their Autumn exhibition in a Bristol restaurant, Steak of the Art, that takes exhibiting art very seriously, having a gallery set aside adjacent to the dining area. To say the functional practicality of Art Post was a revelation may be overstating it, but the restaurant operators were impressed at the flexibility of the system, especially the ability to hang art works back-to-back so they were able to use the window area for extra exhibiting space and provide a street facing window display, with good lighting thanks to the capability to fix the lighting on the ‘posts’.


Art Post window display

Art Posts used in a restaurant gallery. The art works featured are by John Afflick (left) and Roz Bell (Right) from Vermillion Gallery, Knutsford.


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