Art Post – a complete service

Recently I had my first Art Post customer who wanted to collect the posts, take them to an event and set them up themselves. I was galvanised to do something I had been mulling over for a while, produce a manual.

Its just not sufficient to have a great product, it needs support. In my planning for the development of the Art Post as a really useful service I had it in my mind to spend this Autumn developing some of the resources I felt would be helpful for my customers. I’ve already written about putting together a manual (Recent developments with Art Post), but I had identified other aspects of service I wanted to develop. For instance, it would be useful for prospective users to be able to preview the set-up process and I also wanted a fully featured ordering system. The latter would benefit both customers and myself because I could foresee issues if bookings aren’t properly organised. Issues like double booking would be embarrassing and providing accurate quotes quickly, using a complex but thorough pricing structure, would keep costs as attractive as possible for artists and avoid surprise extra costs occurring.

Making good use of ‘the web’

Where would we be without the web? Through on-line videos I learnt enough about my database software to compile a pretty thorough and functional ordering system. It will calculate costs with a sophisticated formula that reduces the unit price as the number of posts and the number of days used increases. It will then automatically generate an order confirmation document that is emailed to the customer for approval and of course the invoice generation is automated. The system allows me to track the number of Art Posts that will be in use on any given day so I’ll avoid over booking.

I thought a step-by-step presentation on the Art-Post website, showing users how to set-up Art Post, would make good use of the web and supplement the static PDF document and the printed version of the manual. I’ve also used social media to distribute my information media. Theres an animated movie presenting Art Post on YouTube and a version of the ‘how-to’ slide presentation is posted on SlideShare.

Find all you need to know about Art Post

Check out all the productions, they’re intended to be very useful and be, at once, encouraging artists to consider using Art Post and reassuring that Art Post is fully supported and very simple to use.


Stuart Nurse on LinkedIn

Me on LinkedIn

Link to Art Post How-to-use Presentation

Link to the ‘How-to-use’ Art Post presentation.

Link to Art Post movie

Link to the Art Post movie


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