Art Posts in use

This week I’ve at last had the opportunity to make an explanatory video of setting up Art Posts.¬†Thanks to Dan Hampson and David Foord who are showing their work at Centrespace Gallery in Bristol.

Dan had sent out a ‘call-out’ to our studio for a carpenter to make supports for hanging his paintings. I contacted him to let him know he didn’t need a carpenter because what he needed already existed and invited him to my studio to assess the Art Posts. As his artworks were very large he was concerned that any equipment he used should have good strength, Art Posts met his requirements and he booked four.

Art Posts in use at Centrespace in Bristol

Art Posts in use at Centrespace in Bristol

On the day of installation I delivered the ‘posts’ and thrust my phone at David asking him if would be kind enough to record me explaining and demonstrating the set up process which he thankfully agreed to do.

Having run through the procedure once and with three more to set up I turned the tables and got Dan and David to do the bolting together while I videoed them. As its not complicated all the posts were complete in good time, just as well as I was parked on double yellow lines.

I left them to complete their exhibition. When I went to the preview the following evening I’m pleased to say both the artists and the gallery Manager, Ruth Piper, were completely impressed with the way they had been able to show Dan’s big paintings and I have to say I was surprised at the way they had used and positioned the posts as well. Its really worked well.


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