Busy Art Post weekend

The second weekend in May was busy for my new Art Post hire service. 12 posts delivered to one venue.

Since the inaugural event of the BS9 Art Trail 3 years ago, the artists at venue 13 have used Art Posts to help present their artworks to the very best effect. Year one, Pauline Pearce used 2 posts, year 2 Pauline was joined by Laura Howarth as an Art Post user and this year 8 artists placed a combined order for 12 posts.

Simplicity is the key

With a number of new users I decided on doing an impromptu training session, demonstrating the set up sequence to the group. After assembling one post for my audience most went off and happily put together their kits. An hour later and 2 rooms were dotted with glowing spotlights set on top completed posts.


Art Posts showing art at its best


When I can, I like to talk to my customers about their experience of using Art Posts. All my users were happy and very complimentary about practicality of the system. Olga put aside an easel she had brought along in favour of an Art Post having tripped over the splayed legs of the easel. The capacity for installing lighting was also said to be very appealing and many people appreciated how smart the posts look.


Thank you to:
Pauline Pearce
Laura Howarth
Rosie Jenkins
Carolyn Lamb
Jane Krish
Kathy Luders
Olga van Rijswick
Carmen Veloz

All the artists can be found at BS9Arts





2 responses to “Busy Art Post weekend

  1. As a picture framer, all the wall space in my workshop is taken up by frame samples! An Art Post in the corner allows me to display a framed picture awaiting collection so the customer can see it hanging before it is wrapped up and taken away. Great invention!

    • Thank you for your comment Felicity. Its a very important aspect of Art Post that they can be used to display art in many places and situations. They have been used in galleries for instance, to exhibit art works in difficult corners, maximising the use of exhibition space, as well as in window displays and all the other examples mentioned in this blog post.

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