Developing a painting

My studio paintings usually begin as an idea that spontaneously pops in to my head while I’m painting outside on one of my expeditions to the trees.

Trees and Us by Stuart Nurse

Trees and Us by Stuart Nurse

My latest began in just his way before Christmas 2015 when I found that a thought I’d had 3 months earlier was still rolling around my mind.

Where I like to paint is also very popular with dog walkers and families out for fresh air. Whereas I’m very aware of the environment around me, especially the trees, it seems most people are oblivious to where they are. Shouting at their dogs and children, continuing their phone calls or just conversing, passing through our shared environment each the centre of their our own universe. I think this is a shame and possibly unhealthy. Being outdoors, among growing plants, running water and general wildlife is regenerating and inspiring, an opportunity to leave the concerns of everyday life behind. I felt finding a way to express something on this disparity of experience was necessary. If we look around while we are out and about we see that the individual is actually a very small entity in a very large world and I think thats beneficial, for us and the trees.

3 responses to “Developing a painting

  1. I don’t remember seeing this post and your painting….perhaps I started following you afterwards? Beautiful painting, it gives me the chills! I am going to enjoy looking at your posts, I am so happy that I found you 🙂

  2. And to add to what I just wrote…..I couldn’t agree more. People are so oblivious to nature and their surroundings. I often am out there by myself and when I do see people, they are not “into” nature like I am, it is rare to find someone that is very sensitive to nature. I am also a tree person, absolutely love them, I couldn’t live where there weren’t any. 🙂

    • I love landscape. I realised that landscape paintings were the more interesting for the inclusion of trees, in fact they provide structure to a landscape. I also walk in a small woodland near my home to calm my mind when work gets stressful, it always does the trick. Trees have become important to me and the more I work with them the stronger my artwork seems to get. I’m very pleased that you appreciate my paintings especially ‘Trees and Us’, it means a lot to me.

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