The art of nature

Theres always a story behind my artworks and the story behind my new painting, completed on the last day of 2016, is pretty typical.

It started with a walk along my usual stretch of the Frome Valley. There was no particular idea in my head as part of the reason for me being here was to clear my mind of the burden of content that had accumulated during the working day. These walks anchor me in the here and now and I lose myself in the colour and texture of my surroundings. I found myself gaining on a slower moving group of walkers, parents with a clutch of children, who were passing under the boughs of overhanging trees. It seemed like a protective archway and the image immediately registered as an illustration of what I get from nature, a sense of being part of something larger and being protected by it. I snapped the scene with my phone for future reference.

In my studio, about a year later, I recalled the image. I was preparing to begin a new painting adopting my notion of ‘growing’ it with my doodling based process without a clear plan of how the finished piece was going to turn out. I like how this organic way of developing a painting is itself analogous to the processes of nature that so intrigue me.

The video below shows the painting as it grows over a period of about 3 months.

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