Art Post – taking stock

2016 was busy year for Art Post and more artists are appreciating their value especially for art trail exhibiting.

During the year Art Posts have been hired for use at the BS9 Art Trail, the West Bristol Art Trail, Averys Wine Cellars, BV Studios, Clifton Arts Club at Clifton Methodist Church and Caffe Clifton. Also Steak Of The Art in Bristol purchased 4 for permanent use in their exhibition area.

When the group of artists showing their work at Averys Wine Cellars, took down their exhibition just before Christmas it was a good opportunity to check my stock and ensure all the kits were complete, the light bulbs were all working and to see what maintenance may be required. With the kits dismantled and laid out for counting I realised how detailed my equipment and service had become. This is particularly the case when my lights are used, its just not enough to provide the light fittings, I also provide sufficient extra cabling and cable protectors to be able to connect to a power socket even if it is across a room or gallery.

Good news, the Art Posts are so robust that inspite of all the use they’ve been getting over the last 3 years they only needed a dust down.

Bookings are coming in for 2017 so if you are interested in using Art Post for your temporary exhibiting or installing art in novel venues or any other application please visit and get in touch.

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