An evening of art at a café

Thanks Art Posts have been used to mount art exhibitions in churches, cellars and crypts as well as, more conventionally, galleries. This is an account of setting up 6 Art Posts in a café.

Caffe Clifton likes to support the artists who show their work there by hosting special viewing evenings. A group of artists from Clifton Arts Club is currently showing their artworks in the cafe and for a showcase event decided to bring in more artists from the club which meant augmenting the wall space with my Art Posts. As the posts are quick to set up I was able to drop the equipment off at 4pm and assemble them allowing time for the new artists to put up their work in time for the 6.30pm start when invited guest would begin to arrive.

2 hours later the designated finish time arrived and the Art Posts had to be dismantled and the cafe left in its usual state for business. Art Posts are just as easy to take down and with the help of club members the exhibition was cleared and the ‘posts’ in my van by 9.15pm.

Clifton Arts Club are regular users of Art Posts and I always get great comments about how smart they are and how efficient they are to use.

Art Posts are available to hire or buy. Lighting is also available as an optional part of the package. For information go to


Thanks to Caffe Clifton for a great event.


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