What lies beyond

Does this happen to you? When I’m walking in the countryside I’m spurred on by wanting to know whats over the brow of the hill or round the next bend in the river or path.

I recalled this sense as I drove to my mothers home, a 3 hour journey from where I live. It was a bright Spring morning with a hint of mistiness and the roadside woodland glowed with many subtle shade of rich ochres, bright green and rusts which faded into the mist ahead. I don’t know what it is about the countryside but I find ideas, thoughts, recollections are all prompted by being in it, even from the comfortable interior of my car. The form of my next painting came into my head on this trip and the concept of showing the draw of the unknown developed as the painting grew.

My painting technique of applying colour in thousands of small brush strokes comes directly from the location paintings I produce. Working with the natural world as a source of inspiration as well as subject matter I have come to appreciate how everything in our world, the universe even, has its role to play in the great scheme. No thing is more important than any other thing as my brush strokes all contribute to the whole painting.



See more of my studio paintings at www.stuartnurse-artist.co.uk 

My location paintings can be seen at www.artists-connect.co.uk

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