A busy month for Art Post

For  the whole of July this year Art Posts have been in use for a variety of art events in different types of location.

First on the calendar was the booking for the Holburne Museum in Bath. In a fantastic gallery space, surrounded by classical art by Gainsborough and Constable among others, an Art Post was used to display a key artwork from an educational project run by the museum.

In the same week 8 ‘posts’ were delivered to the Westbury Park Art Fair at Westbury Methodist Church. Many of the artists here were regular Art Post users who, happily and gratifyingly, were able to put up their own posts making the installation very speedy. Just as well as the fair was only on for one day.

The following week 11 Art Posts were set up in The Clifton Club in Clifton, Bristol for another exhibition by members of Clifton Arts Club. In this prestigious location we set up 2 ‘pods’ of 3 Art Posts with backboards as well as 5 more conventionally placed back to the wall. The Clifton Club really admired the art on show and the convenience of the Art Posts and invited Clifton Arts Club to extend their stay.

Finally, 3 Art Posts were set up in Bath again, this time at Walcot Chapel, an art space with a unique character. They were supplied for an exhibition by Bristol artist Mary Roberts-Holmes following a recommendation from a previous user David Foord. Mary used the ‘posts’ to present her work to great effect, making the most of the features of the chapel.

Take a look at the video to see how well Art Posts worked in this variety of venues.



My thanks to:

The Holburne Museum

Westbury Park Art Fair

Clifton Arts Club

Mary Roberts-Holmes

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