Art Post provides support for a new gallery

This article is about the biggest event Art Posts have been involved with to date. New online gallery concept, Satori Gallery, launched this August with their first live exhibition showcasing the work of painter and mixed media artist Lillian Delevoryas and ceramicist Sonya.

21 Art Posts were delivered to Engineers House, a prestigious conference and events venue, in Bristol. We, Neil and Sonya from Satori Gallery and myself, set to work unwrapping and assembling the equipment. Neil and Sonya got to grips with this very quickly, its not difficult, and in about 2 hours all the posts were erected and distributed around the 2 spaces booked for this event.

Satori was going to use Art Posts in various configurations which richly illustrate the flexibility of my system. 9 of the posts were to have backboards and be used to present artworks on both sides, 3 more were to carry large format prints of photographs to provide a background for the ceramics and another was used for signage to guide visitors to the 2 rooms. In another 2 hours the backboards, lighting and some of the artworks were in place.


Neil and Sonya getting to grips with Art PostNaked Art PostsArtwork in place and ready for the openingGuests concentrating on the work of Lillian Delevoryas A busy preview for Satori Gallery


The following day was the day of the evening preview so all art had to be hung and the site cleared ready for the caterers and then the guests by 6pm. In fact all was complete by 2pm so Neil and Sonya were able to prepare for the evening at their leisure.

The preview was a huge success. The art was clearly presented so the guests were able appreciate Lilian’s work at its best and many people bought her paintings. The Sonoran vases by Sonya were also fantastically successful.

After 2 busy days and many sales of artwork we took the exhibition down. The rooms were left pristine, just as we had found them. There was no hole filling and re-finishing to do, with Art Post you really can exhibit art anywhere.



All paintings in the photographs and video are by Lillian Delevoryas

Sonoran vases shown in the video are by Sonya

My thanks to Satori Gallery for using Art Posts and providing some of the images for this article and the video. Satori Gallery

For information about hiring, buying and using Art Post go to

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