Art Post, not just a system, a service

Art Post began life being a personal project to enable me to exhibit my artwork where people live and work, conveniently and creatively.

Hiring and selling the ‘posts’ became part of the plan when I had to work out how to make my idea a reality. With Art Posts regularly in use now I have found that users are finding additional services really valuable. Simply delivering the kits is only the beginning, helping to set up and position the Art Posts is also a service customers find really useful.

With Satori Gallery I introduced another facility, visualising the exhibition to try different layouts of the posts and work out how many would be needed. We measured the exhibition space which I replicated in my computer and populated with scale models of Art Posts. We were able to determine the best use of the space and how many Art Posts would benefit from having backboards to break up the room and block light from windows

Extending the service further, why not draw on my 30+ years of experience as a graphic designer to help artists and arts organisation promote exhibitions and events with imagery, flyers, web graphics and all sorts of useful media.

Of course the option to simply collect Art Posts and set them up yourself is always an option.


Discover more about Art Post at

Visit Satori Gallery

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