Analogy or metaphor

Theres a particular element of my website ( that I’m always unhappy with. Its my artist’s statement which, received wisdom deems, is essential for any artist, aspiring to recognition of their work, to produce.

On my latest review I found that my statement no longer represented my work. I was working with the belief my current strand of painting was proceeding along the lines I had set out on a few years ago. Previous versions of my artist’s statement had attempted to put into words why I painted scenes from the natural world or in what sort of way I was affected by the natural world, all without sounding pretentious of course.

I thought I had been addressing environmental issues, drawing attention to the nature of Nature as a vast system of interconnected small processes, where everything, no matter how small, play their part in the greater landscape. I also believed I was portraying the natural world as being essential to human well-being and reflecting on how walking among trees makes me feel. Now, during my website review, it felt correct to describe my art as my response to the world, not preceded by ‘natural’.

From producing paintings that attempt to show how nature works, now some of my recent studio paintings use the imagery of nature, the way it grows and changes over time, as analogies, or is that metaphors, for processes that can be observed anywhere from business to quantum theory to painting even, where the smallest elements are essential to the operation of the whole. It all still comes from walking and painting among trees which allows my mind to create space in which ideas develop.

Screen shot of my website

Screen shot of my website

Please visit to my website. I update it as I complete new work and I’d love to know what you think of any of my paintings and photographs. My artist’s statement will always be a work in progress though.

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