A never ending story?

This painting has metamorphosed from an earlier work, ‘Synapses’ (see my post ‘About Synapses’). Sometimes I experience a nagging thought that a painting doesn’t do what it was meant to. I found it exciting to go back to this painting with a new concept and as it was created with my doodling approach anything I did just added to the piece.

The new idea came during a screening of a thought provoking programme called ‘The secret life of waves’ on BBC Four. Not only did the programme look at the physics of waves that we experience on a day-to-day basis, like ocean waves and sound waves, but progressed to the wave like properties of matter at the sub-atomic level. The key phrase used by the presenter in a philosophical moment, after tackling the mind bending ¬†subject of quantum physics, was something like, “we are all,¬†in effect, like waves passing through the universe”.

The painting has retained its basic wave structure. The rules governing my doodling were that each brush stroke was to be a wave and the underlying composition, such as it is, hints at a stylised landscape. The colours are derived from my those in my observational landscapes.

For the time being I’ve declared this painting finished, but who knows I may come back to it.

This painting and more of my work can be found online at www.stuartnurse-artist.co.uk

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