Exemplary use of Art Post

Like me, artist Tom Hughes wants to exhibit his paintings where people are, in the places they gather and go to for recreation, interest or work.

Tom is a painter of real scenes and places and has produced a collection of paintings of the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge from many aspects at different times of day and in all seasons. Where better to show them than at the Clifton Suspension Bridge Visitors Centre. The centre doesn’t have an exhibition area as such except for the permanent displays about the bridge’s history and construction but it does have a multi-purpose education space. Its a space in which the organisers of the centre are keen to put on diverse events. Art Posts have been used at the Visitors Centre before and their Visitor Services ManagerĀ put Tom onto them for presenting his bridge paintings.

After a brief explanation session with me at Art Post HQ he had no trouble setting them up himself at the venue. Heres what he had to say about his experience.

I used Stuart’s Art Posts for a show at the Clifton Suspension Bridge. I found them solid, attractive, very easy to set up and extremely adaptable to different hanging options. Stuart spent a lot of time with me explaining how they are assembled and supplied everything I needed in the right quantities. I’d happily recommend them to anyone planning a show and I’d definitely use them again. Very professional product and service.” (Tom Hughes)

Tom Hughes paintings on Art Posts

Tom Hughes’ paintings on Art Posts.

Thanks Tom!

See Toms paintings at www.tomhughespainting.co.uk

Thank you also to Laura at the Clifton Suspension Bridge Visitors centre for suggesting Art Posts to Tom in the first place.

To see more ways that Art Posts have been used and the diverse locations they’ve been used in, visit the gallery page onĀ www.art-post.co.uk

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