8 Art Posts, 3 artists, 2 venues, 1 art trail

Art trails are a fantastic feature of life in Bristol (UK). Theres one somewhere in Bristol for a weekend in most months of the year. Two art trails are particularly important to me because participating artists increasingly use Art Posts. The BS9 Art Trail takes place in June and the West Bristol Arts Trail happens over a weekend in October.

Last June 14 Art Posts were used at a key venue for the BS9 Art Trail. Its a fair amount of work for me but only one delivery. After 3 years providing Art Posts for this event many artists are able to set up their own Art Posts. I’m always happy to assist those who are less able to lift and carry and everyone gets set up with great displays of their work in the few hours available to them.

The 2018 West Bristol Arts Trail featured 3 artists using Art Posts. They were spread across two venues, a hotel function room and a church, each at either end of Clifton. Fortunately one user at the hotel had previous experience and was able to get 6 Art Posts set up very rapidly which left me free to set up the final 2 at the church.

In spite of the poor weather that weekend all the artists reported a very good weekend.



The 3 artists using Art Posts 2 venues of the West Bristol Arts Trail. From the top, Lyn Harradine, Pauline Pearce and Chris Dye.

If you would like to know more about Art Post for your art trail or art exhibition get in touch;

Stuart Nurse email

Art Post website


My thanks to Lyn, Pauline and Chris for allowing me to use these photos.

Lyn Harradine

Pauline Pearce

Chris Dye


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