Unnatural weather

Sitting in my studio with the cold wind and rain from storm Freya buffeting the windows it seems strange that 4 weeks ago, at the beginning of February, I was able to go painting on location in reasonable comfort. Although the sky was overcast and the woodland was decidedly damp I didn’t need gloves and multiple layers of clothing to survive the couple of hours it took to scout the location and produce the painting.

What stood out for me on this day was the vivid colour of mosses draped over the branches of trees both upright and fallen. The greens were extremely intense and this is what I set out to concentrate on.

I’ve often thought, as the years go by, that its interesting how my painting style differs from year-to-year. After the winter break, when I concentrate on painting in my studio, it seems my handling of the paint and brushes is different. This painting features a bold, thick brush style, quick and instinctive rather than careful and accurate. It was two weeks before I could bring myself to look at the painting after getting it home because I thought I wasn’t going to like it. I was prepared to get the sand paper out to recycle the canvas for another painting. On viewing it afresh I was interested in the strength of the colours and the almost abstract nature of parts of the image. Yet when I stood back it was a good representation of the scene, rewarding at both view points. There was some damage from being dragged through grasses on my way back to the van which I hadn’t noticed until now but with the paint hard it can’t be rectify. This painting will be seen in public soon.


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