Everyone is everything

I love painting, placing and pushing pigment as my will determines. I’m happy painting anything from portraits to factories but it’s when I’m producing an image from an idea, about a subject I feel in my bones, well, that’s when it becomes my ‘art’.

Take my latest painting, ‘Everyone is everything’, which I’ve worked on from last October until this week (week 1, February 2019). I’ve contemplated many aspects of the natural world as I work on my location paintings including thoughts about how we’re connected with the flora and fauna in a continuum of matter. Everything around us, at a fundamental particle level, is made of the same stuff as we are. That makes us either as unimportant as we regard the environment or the environment is as important as we think of ourselves.

I was painting ‘Bluebells on bank’ in the Spring of 2018 when I decided to equate the actuality of what I was painting on location with this concept of a continuum between us and the plants. In time ‘Everyone and everything’ came about.


Bluebells on a bank. See the painting alongside my other locations paintings at http://www.artists-connect.co.uk

Heres the painting inspired by ‘Bluebells on a bank’ developing in a video from my YouTube channel.

How ‘Everyone and Everything’ developed in the studio.

Visit my websites to see more paintings. and my YouTube channel for more videos.





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