The end of the walk

I took down my exhibition, A Walk in the Woods, a couple of weeks ago. It was a bit depressing because I had enjoyed the experience of showing my paintings to the public and have received a lot of great comments (as well as making a sale).

The gallery owners were particularly impressed by 2 visitors to the exhibition and were very keen to tell me about them. Apparently they spent about an hour looking at the paintings and seemed to be very intrigued by the way they could appreciate them in one way from a distance and close up they found different qualities. They wrote the following in my comments book.

“I was initially enticed to your gallery by the name, then I ended up experiencing WAY more than I expected. This is the first gallery that made me realise some art needs to be observed from a distance as well as up close. Bullrushes and Teasels is a prime example, thanks for the stimulation” (I’m assuming the writers are referring to the art rather than the space it occupied).

‘Bullrushes and Teasels’ by Stuart Nurse

To see Bullrushes and Teasels and many more paints from the last 5 years please got my page on Artists-Connect

My larger, studio paintings and other art projects can be found at my Projects site

Find out more about the Art Posts I used at my exhibition to enhance the presentation at


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