Wildscreen exhibits stunning photographs using Art Post

An enquiry was put out to find someone who could supply 12 easels. Eventually the email was forwarded to a friend of mine who knew about Art Posts. She forwarded the email to me and I duly responded.

The call out was from Wildscreen, the not-for-profit conservation organisation and creator of the Wildscreen Festival. They were preparing an event that would round up the results of the COP 26 conference and a feature of this was to be an exhibition of photography about societies that are under threat from the consequences of climate change. I duly made contact by email, sending the link to the Art Post website.

With just a few weeks to go Wildscreen had yet to find a means of displaying a collection of 12 impressive photographs highlighting the devastating effects of climate change on vulnerable societies around the globe. The venue was the stunning Sansovino Hall at Bristol Harbour Hotel. Georgia, from Wildscreen, responded and agreed to me visiting to demonstrate the qualities of a sample ‘post’. I’m pleased to say she was impressed and we arranged a delivery and collection schedule.

The event was a success. Georgia and her colleagues found the Art Posts easy and quick to set up and all were very happy with the quality of the presentation of the photographs.

Since we were all released from lock down, its been good to see art events starting up again. As well as Wildscreen’s Communicating COP 26 events I’ve been providing Art Posts to art trails once more. It’s been very interesting to see how many artists have been working through the pandemic and responding to their various altered states.

To enquire about hiring Art Posts, contact stuart2@artists-connect.co.uk

Find out more about how Art Posts work visit, www.art-post.co.uk

See the photographs exhibited by Wildscreen, Communicating COP26


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