Take a walk along the river Frome

After you’ve finished your Christmas dinner, consumed quantities of mince pies and wine then done it all again on Boxing day its good to get some fresh air and a long walk is a popular activity to blow away the cobwebs.

Failing that or indeed to complement your walk I’ve produced a virtual walk, an art walk. I’ve produced many painting on a particular stretch of the river Frome between Snuff Mills and a little beyond over the last few years I thought it would be interesting to match up the paintings with the actuality. I cant display the paintings in the open so I’ve prepared a web page that is a virtual art tour. The paintings aren’t shown quite in the locations on they are on the map but they’re close.

Follow this link to got there. Frome Walk.

Dipsacus Pilosus, a painting in oils on canvas 400mm x 400mm, August 2018

You see this painting and others from further afield on the Artists-Connect website. Artists-Connect

My other art projects are here. Stuart Nurse Projects


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