Everyone is Everything, the continuing story

I’ve written about this painting before. At that time I was preparing for my first solo exhibition, now, after all public activity has been on hold for over a year due to the pandemic, ‘Everyone is Everything’ has been selected to be shown in an open exhibition. Removed from the context of the rest of my work, I felt a little more explanation of the origins of the piece was in order.

I get interested in all manner of things, amazing science among them. Quantum physics always triggers my imagination, in part because it deals with the nature of matter. While the molecules that make us differ from those that make plants, break apart those molecules into atoms then they are, in the main, similar to the atoms that make us. Break those atoms apart and the particles you get are the same whether they made up a plant or a human or a rock.

Apart from the fact that science like this is interesting, it stimulates my thinking around the general subject of our/my place in the world… and beyond.

This little movie illustrates how the origin of ‘Everyone is Everything’ lies in a painting of bluebells.

The exhibition my painting is being shown in is the 111th Annual Open Sumer Exhibition of Clifton Arts.

For more details of the exhibition got to http://www.cliftonarts.co.uk

The see more of my art go to http://www.stuartnurse-artist.co.uk

and http://www.artists-connect.co.uk


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