Nettles and Thistles

In my mind the conversation went something like;
“Where have you been?”
“In the middle of that meadow.”
“What did you paint?”
“A patch of nettles.”
“A patch of nettles!”
“Yes. There were some thistles too.”
“What about the view, distant hills and the river?”
“The nettles were so interesting. With the sun to my left and moving round to shine slightly through the leaves the colours were really intense. There were so many colours too and the texture was really interesting and just through the nettle leaves I could see the occasional, really intense purple of the thistle flowers. I couldn’t ignore it, theres so much going on in every corner of that meadow, I think it should all be celebrated!”

Nettles and thistles by Stuart Nurse

Nettles and thistles, a location painting.

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