Creating Space

Its taken me about 3 months to complete this painting. When I started out one of the things I didn’t know was that it would take this long. Others things were what it would finally look like when finished and what it was going to be called.

What I did know was that the colour palette was going to be the colours of Autumn trees and the brush stroke for each colour was going to be a short arc. The technique I was going to use was the doodling process I’ve been using for a number of paintings now. With this technique I only have the vaguest idea about how the final piece will look and the painting is subject to continual appraisal and modification as the concept behind it develops.

The story was going to be about the way taking time out to be in nature helps me. It helps by separating me from day-to-day problems like being stuck for ideas in my work as a Graphic Designer, stressed by deadlines or those personal issues we experience from time to time.

It feels like the actual space around me creates an inner space. My attention is drawn to the warmth of the sun or the bite of cold. I get absorbed by the intricate patterns of plants and the scale of trees and open country. Behold, my cares are dispelled and into the void come solutions to problems, ideas for designs or new paintings or just calmness.

Does this happen to you?

Creating Space is a painting in oils on canvas and is 800mm x 800mm.

See more of my paintings at;

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